Tuesday, May 31

pin worthy

I love front porches. When I bought my very modest bungalow 18 months ago, one of my first requirements was a front porch. There's just something comforting and welcoming about a front porch. Which brings me to this delicious porch...

I mean, really? Can you imagine coming home to THIS every day. I swoon! I just keep looking at this photo and I love all of it. The only thing that makes me sad is that I don't have the keys to open that front door. And speaking of the door...oh how I adore the pale aqua door with white trim and the oiled bronze hardware. OH MAN! Makes me want to paint my front door! I love the container garden and the lanterns and the painted wood floor and the rug. UGH. I die.

When I bought my house it had the green outdoor carpet that looks like astro-turf. GAG. I ripped it up immediately, but the concrete didn't look so great, so I had charcoal gray outdoor carpet installed. I love it. I have a white house with gray trim and the gray carpet is super pretty. Here's some before and after:

Then about a month ago, I brought my patio chairs to the front porch to create a cozy seating area:

Looks better than the astro-turf, right? I've since added a few container flowers and plants. It's getting there. It's nothing like the beautiful photo at the top of this post, but this porch is all mine. Come join me on my porch...I'll make lemonade!

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  1. I would love to know about your carpet. We have nasty porch carpet too, but the concrete is in rough shape. Thanks.