Tuesday, May 31


I'm really loving the look of cloches...you know, the glass dome placed over an object such as a plant or piece of fruit.


Pretty, huh? Sometimes the glass cloche is placed directly on a table surface, or sometimes it rests on a wooden or glass base. I've seen these over the last year or so at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballard Designs and more. They can be a little pricey...like this beauty from Wisteria:


They have three sizes ranging from $79 - $99. Holy moly...that's a lot of moola for a glass dome.  Needless to say, I haven't bought one.

Until last week...when I spied a glass cloche at the thrift store. For $4.84. That's right...less than $5. I knew immediately it would come home with me. Now, in all fairness, it's a bit smaller than the above cloches, but it's so darn cute and just perfect for a small object, in this case...avocado...

Pretty cute huh?  Go thriftin'! You just never know what you'll find!

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